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Why agencies love working with Brightlines

Why agencies love working with Brightlines
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One of the biggest problems creative agencies face is having to deal with a constant churn of translation services providers as one by one they disappoint. Too often they fail to appreciate sensitivities of tone and culture, and instead see each project as a transaction, where their remit is simply to deliver a foreign language version of each document, website or text.


It’s a real challenge for a creative agency on the hunt for translation services. I mean, how do you know which translation agency will really fit your campaign requirements and brand sensitivities?


To give you an idea of what we’re about and what it’s like working with us, I’d like to share some insights from our loyal client base of advertising, marketing and design agencies.

Our clients’ clients: feeling the love

Probably the biggest reason agencies love us is because their clients love our work. Design agency fst clients such as Canon, Visa and Barclays are consistently delighted with our work.

“Very well received – as always”, reads my inbox.

“A brilliant agency completely focused on client satisfaction,” says Canon.

And another of our clients, Hilton Worldwide, said: “Hilton expects the best, Brightlines lives up to that always.”

We’ve worked with the likes of Rufus Leonard, Hampton Associates and JWT, and have many more, less high-profile but equally delighted agencies and their clients who I could quote… but I don’t want to go overboard – I think you get my point.

So, where does this love come from?

Growing markets, shrinking violets

It stems from the fact that translation services like ours – who can fly with large, international creative campaigns – are few and far between. Brands MUST go global, and MUST translate and localise. They need to cater for newer areas such as multilingual SEO and video subtitles. But creative agencies struggle to find a translation service that can truly deliver on their requirements.

To give you an idea, in the US, translation services are now a $43 billion industry. Globally, 70 per cent of internet users aren’t native English speakers and only one in four people searches the internet using English. And sit up for this one, global marketers: 75 per cent of internet users won’t actually buy a product unless the product description is in their native language.

International markets are booming in areas such as healthcare, e-learning and app development. And they’re staying buoyant in traditional global sectors such as finance, travel & tourism and design & marketing. And yet, until they come to us at Brightlines, creative agencies often shrink from large, international translation projects because they hold so many unknowns for them.

What are these unknowns?

Better the devil you know

Some creative agencies who meet us for the first time, share various reasons why they’ve previously been reluctant to offer translation services to their clients. Often, it’s because they:

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Can’t find a reliable source of suitably great marketing translators
  • Don’t fully understand the difference between marketing translation and transcreation – although they know it’s important
  • Are anxious about producing typeset documents in a language they don’t understand
  • Aren’t sure how to price the work and manage the workflow

With Brightlines as a steady partner, creative agencies can get in on the action and happily offer their clients translation services, reaping the inevitable financial and status rewards. Mainly, agencies find us a good fit because:

We do the whole shebang

From translation to multilingual artwork for apps, guides, kiosks, voiceovers and subtitles for ads, explainer videos and media campaigns. And a whole stack more. Want to advertise on the side of a bus? No problem.

We are worthy

We’ve been helping agencies since 1999 and are ISO 9001:2008 registered.

We are wide

We’ve built up our network of creative specialist translators to span the globe. From St Petersburg to Sao Paulo, from Beijing to Barcelona, from Munich to Mumbai – and almost everywhere in between.

What it’s like working with Brightlines

So how would the relationship work and what do the processes look like? Here are five key elements that are useful to know.

  1. Communication is key: whether that’s on the phone, via email or text – whatever works for you, we’ll be there. We’ll work as closely or as far away from you as you like so you get the level of interaction you want.
  2. We work in partnership: we become an extension of your team. We listen to your needs, adapt, flex and make suggestions as projects and our relationships evolve.
  3. We help you define the brief and preferred processes: the process depends on the project as not all jobs are the same. But one things for sure – they all start with a solid, signed-off brief, which we’ll help pull together to make sure you get what you want, when and how you want it.
  4. We adapt sign-off to suit you and your clients: we’re happy to arrange rounds of client amendments so the end client can have input before the files are finalised.
  5. You’re in safe hands: once the job is started, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to. We’re very knowledgeable and take great pride in our work – you can trust us.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you and your client, please give us a call on 01225 580770 or fill out our quote form here.