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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Translation Services

Brightlines is an ISO 9001-certified company. Find out how ISO 9001 certification works and how it improves our service.

What is ISO 9001?

  1. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. They develop internationally recognised quality management systems (QMS).
  2. These QMS can be applied to any organization, regardless of size, industry or location.
  3. ISO 9001 is focused on customer experience and helps organisations fulfil the needs of their clients.
  4. ISO 9001 systems and processes ensure organisations adhere to industry-specific regulations.

How does ISO 9001 work?

  1. Independent auditors regularly review ISO 9001 companies.
  2. ISO 9001 auditors review everything from initial client contact to the delivery of services and client aftercare.
  3. They confirm that our management systems and customer service levels meet with their high standards; by interviewing staff, observing work and viewing records.
  4. Brightlines is ISO 9001 registered through leading international ISO specialists, IMSM.

What are the benefits of working with an ISO 9001 certified company?

  1. Quality: safeguarding quality is fundamental to ISO 9001. Clients can be assured that we will always work to the highest standards, adhering to our quality policy and quality objectives.
  2. Customer Service: customer needs and expectations are paramount to an ISO 9001 registered company, so clients will benefit from the best service, delivery and support.
  3. Consistency: ISO 9001 ensures consistency in service and product, both within individual companies and across international industries.
  4. Commitment: any company can register for ISO 9001, but they must be committed to maintaining and progressing the high standards that their clients expect.
  5. Great Employees: all employees are aware of the importance of their work within a wider framework and their contribution to the quality objectives. Employees’ education, training and qualifications are well-documented so clients can be assured they are receiving the level of expertise they are paying for.
  6. Communication with clients: thorough and effective communication with clients, from initial contact through to aftercare. ISO 9001-certified companies always listen to their customers; customer feedback helps shape improvements.
  7. Reliability: ISO 9001-registered companies are guaranteed to be well-managed and efficient operators. Clients have no need to audit their business partners themselves.
  8. Trust: legal and regulatory requirements are guaranteed to be met, and client property and intellectual property will be handled sensitively and with care.
  9. Continual Improvement: ISO 9001-certified companies must demonstrate continual improvement in their structure and services; so clients know they will always be dealing with industry leaders and getting the best value for money.
  10. Documentation: records of procedures and processes are kept to support all jobs, helping to answer any questions the client may have following project completion.

If you have any questions regarding ISO 9001 certification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.