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The finishing touches. At Brightlines we also provide copyediting, proofreading and linguistic sign-off as stand alone services – in all languages, including English.

Copyediting service

Even if your translation hasn’t been provided by Brightlines, you can still depend on us for copyediting services. The style, meaning and flow of your copy – we’ll check it through and catch all those errors, ambiguities and anomalies. Naturally, we can work in any language and across all subjects.

Proofreading service

We’re also the service you need for going through a final draft translation with the finest of toothcombs. That fresh pair of eyes you can rely on to spot the smallest of typographical errors, in any language. Those minor mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation – leave the corrections to us.

Linguistic sign-off service

And there you have it, your translation’s all nicely laid out in your finished design. You need to press the Go button, but is it still alright? Have errors crept in during the design phase? Our linguistic sign-off service gives you that final reassurance you need. Widows and orphans, split words and missing accents, bad fonts and formats, we’ll spot them and resolve them.

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