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The Spanish language


Are you looking for a Spanish translator? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Brightlines, Spanish translation is our expertise. Our team is ready and waiting to assist with your translation project, no matter how big or small.

Before we delve into why you should choose Brightlines to work on your Spanish translation, we’d love to treat you to a bit of trivia.

Did you know that…

  • The official language of Spain, Spanish, is spoken in a wide range of countries including Andorra, Argentina, and the United States.
  • With approximately 430 million Spanish speakers worldwide, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, after Chinese and English.
  • By 2050, there could be around 600 million Spanish speakers.
  • Spanish is Latin-based, and has also been influenced by Arabic and more recently, by English.
  • Spanish (spoken in Spain) is known as Castilian, as it originally came from the Castile region of Spain.
  • Spanish uses inverted exclamation and question marks to signify the exclaimed or questioned section of the sentence. For example, ‘Jose, where are you going?’ would become ‘Jose, ¿adónde vas?’.
  • Spanish is a phonetic language – each letter represents a certain sound. This is also what makes Spanish such an accessible language to learn, especially when it comes to spelling.

Why Use Spanish Language Translation Services?

Although it is difficult to precisely identify the most used languages on the internet, many agree that Spanish sits at number three, making it a key priority for international businesses. Failing to effectively translate your documentation into Spanish could result in a missed opportunity.

When it comes to Spanish translation services, we are well equipped to take on any task that’s at hand. Our global team of translators are always native speakers, naturally fluent in their native language and are more than capable of translating your content from English to Spanish, or vice versa. In fact, they’re more than capable of translating any language!

Don’t miss a trick – if you notice an interest from a Spanish market, or perhaps want to provide Spanish employees or associates with a business contract or HR policies, make sure you use a professional translation agency.

History on the Spanish Language

Spanish originated as a dialect of spoken Latin within the Iberian Peninsular, brought by the Romans during the late 3rd century BC. Throughout the era of the Roman Empire, Latin was the language of the peninsula, referred to as Hispania. Mixed with the local nuances of the surrounding inhabitants, some of which were Celts and Iberians, this evolved into a dialect which we refer to today as ‘Vulgar Latin’, which differs from the Classical Latin used in literature.

The first standardised norm of the language was advanced by King Alfonso X of Castile (or Alfonso the Wise) within the 13th century, who used it as the primary language for all administrative procedures. The King produced written scriptures within his courts of Toledo in this language, documenting law, history, and astronomy, and even translating works of classical literature into Spanish. This formed the basis of written Castilian Spanish spreading throughout the surrounding areas during the Reconquista.

The late 15th century saw the kingdoms of Castile and Leon merge with Aragon, leading to Castilian (a Spanish dialect) becoming the official language for the entire country of Spain. Under their combined ruling, Castilian Spanish, or Castellano, became the official language of each conquered territory.

The Spanish colonisation led to the Spanish language expanding internationally, imposing Spanish on the people of their American colonies. Although Spanish has its origins in Spain, today, most mother tongue speakers of the language can be found in Latin America. The dialect of Spanish that is most prevalent today is Latin American Spanish.

Providing You With the Best English to Spanish Translation Services

As part of our Spanish document translation service, our qualified translators are certified to translate a variety of official documents. These documents include:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Administrative documents,
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • And so much more!

Our work is always completed in accordance with industry standards. We endeavour to apply due care and diligence to ensure that our Spanish and Peruvian Spanish translation services are well accustomed to specific requirements surrounding the documents at hand. Whether you need English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation services, we’ve got you covered.

Working with Brightlines

At Brightlines, we’re quite proud of our portfolio! We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses including FIFA, L’Oreal, and Nestlé. Our many years of experience in the translation industry means that we are able to offer a range of reliable translation services for a variety of sectors. Our professional Spanish translation services include:

  • Multilingual Spanish Voice Overs
    We’ve been supplying translations video content for over 20 years, handling animations, documentaries, feature films, corporate training videos, and e-learning course content to bring quality audio deliveries that always match the fluency of the content’s original language.
  • Spanish Subtitling
    Extend your reach to multiple markets with our Spanish subtitling services, designed to make your content accessible to any and every audience. Our high-quality process goes through five stages – briefing and planning, translation, time coding, testing, and final delivery – to ensure complete accuracy with every word.
  • Spanish Localisation
    Cultural confusions with translated words and phrases have the power to render content meaningless. With our Spanish localisation services, your brand will always remain locally relevant and culturally sensitive at a global level.
  • Spanish Transcreation Services
    Translation pulls meaning into other languages. Transcreation brings ideas into other cultures. Our Spanish transcreation services will make sure the cultural nuances of your content and branding are always clear and concise, whatever language they’re in.
  • Multilingual Spanish SEO
    International SEO is not simply translation – it involves localised search terms, cultural nuance, and relevant search engine knowledge, all of which is incorporated into our Spanish SEO service. Our team has the intricate technical translation know-how and industry experience that will have your branding ranking top round the world.
  • Spanish Production Services
    Whether you’re producing audio, visual, in-print or online content, our team of experts can help with a range of production services, including foreign language typesetting, website translation, software string translation, optical character recognition, multilingual transcription, timecoding, multilingual voiceover recording and subtitling.
  • Spanish Marketing Translation
    Ensure top quality communication across all your marketing assets with our Spanish marketing translation, designed to bring your branding to a multinational level and connect to a range of audiences with relevant cultural nuance and accurate localisation.
  • Spanish Legal Translation
    We offer a range of certified Spanish translation services for all kinds of legal and official documents, including white papers, press releases, newspapers, patents, commercial contracts, internal communications, and annual reports.
  • Spanish Website Translation Services
    In order to be successful with overseas markets, businesses need a strong digital presence with a website that remains accurate and informative whatever the language. Our Spanish website translation utilises quality localisation and precise translation methods for both on-page and off-page content, so your business can stay relevant across the digital globe.
  • Spanish Document Translation
    We’ve been helping businesses translate documents with professional accuracy since 1999, offering speed, quality, and an in-depth understanding of complex sectors and industries.
  • Spanish Technical Translation
    Technical documents require complete accuracy in translation, and our skilled linguists always deliver. We provide industry specialists and experienced translators to provide a thorough knowledge of your individual sector.
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Our translation services - FAQ

Do you use native translators?

Yes, always. All our translators are native speakers and most are still resident in their native country. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all Brightlines’ translators are native. We do not accept applications from non-native candidates or allow them to register on our online recruitment database. All our translators are rigorously tested.

How long will the translations take?

The turnaround for the translation will depend on the word count. As a rough guide, assume that the translators can comfortably process about 2500 words of non-specialised text per day. Proofreading can effectively be completed on a basis of 4000-6000 words a day. Our minimum turnaround time is usually about three days, although it is possible to shorten this if you are in a rush for the final files and we will always be happy to discuss this with you.

What is the variation in your translators’ experience and qualifications? Are they native speakers? Will the cost increase if we use a more experienced translator?

All our translators have to go through a series of tests to make sure they are as good as they say they are, and only if they pass are they allowed to work for Brightlines. There is quite a range of experience and qualifications, but all translators have a minimum of five years’ experience. All translators translate into their mother-tongue without exception and are generally based in-country so they are up-to-date with the local language. We match translators with projects/clients depending on the subject matter, and most of our translators have industry experience in their speciality – there is no better experience than being immersed professionally in the industry they specialise in. Our costs are based on translator experience, speciality (i.e. medical, creative, scientific) and the language choice.

Which languages can you translate into?

We have an extensive database with hundreds of trusted and tested translators covering all commercial languages. If you cannot see the language or dialect you need please ask.

I don’t know the word count; can you base the quote on the number of pages?

Our pricing structure is based on a rate-per-word, but we can estimate from a page count. If we can’t see the source document then we would usually estimate between 300 – 500 words a page depending on the density of the text and the presence of photos and images.

Does the translation need to be proofread?

Brightlines is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This means that quality is safeguarded. We adhere to the “four-eyes principle” and translations are always checked by a second professional proofreader (who is not the translator). If the translation is for internal use and reference purposes only (i.e. not to be published, distributed or used in a court of law), or you simply don’t wish to have proofreading, we can remove the proofreading stage.

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