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Music translations for business and pleasure

That little wizard Harry Potter really does get around. Since starting out at Hogwarts his books have been read in more than seventy languages including Azerbaijani and Welsh. He demonstrates what a popular publishing property can achieve in a world where technology has rendered borders obsolete. If you’re sitting on a great story, the ears and eyes of the world could be waiting. Your only barrier is language.

Ask any writer who has witnessed success in a foreign language, and they will place much of the credit at the feet of a capable translator. Translating for articles, magazines, books and blogs is a delicate art. Faithfully replicating nuance, tone and humour requires a lot more than a mastery of the languages involved. It requires someone to reach beyond the words on the page to grasp meaning, context and intended response. More than pure translation, it requires the craftmanship and subtlety of another writer.

International storytellers

Copywriters. Journalists. Freelance creative writers. Brightlines’ translators wear many hats. More than being experts in their respective languages, they are chosen for their proven ability as writers. For their capacity to take a story from its original language and make that story as compelling and evocative in a different tongue.

The Brightlines client base includes a number of publishing and media giants who regularly serve up content to a global fanbase. From the Justin Bieber annual, to National Geographic Kids to the European Medical Journal our writers span topics and disciplines. In addition to direct translation, they spend a lot of their time thinking outside the box to recreate word games, rewrite jokes and deliver writing undiminished by a change of language.

How do we work?

Tight deadlines. Multiple market requirements. Complex content. Over the years, Brightlines has perfected a project management process that can handle daunting requirements without a hiccup.

Briefing and quoting

To provide a quote, we only need to know the fundamentals. The original documents, the deadline, the target languages, some idea of intended use and your preferred delivery format.

Once the quote has been agreed, we recommend adding as much extra detail to that brief as possible. Spend a little time to bring the audience alive in your brief . Share brand tone if you have one, and any feedback on past experiences with translation. The more we learn about your intended readers, the more relevant and engaging the eventual content will become.

What next?

The brief is in. The quote has been sent and approved. What next? Once we’re up to speed with every detail of your requirement, we’ll connect with our network to create a bespoke team just for you. They will spend time with your content to get the under the skin of the project. Only once they have truly mastered intended meaning will they translate, write, edit and proofread.

Your appointed account manager will keep you updated throughout the project. The work will be shared digitally for you to review as soon as it’s ready. Changes and amendments will all be done and shared online to accelerate the process. Once you’re happy, we will supply the final materials in a format of your choice. Your content will now be primed and ready to make a splash.

Why trust Brightlines with your translation?

We’ve been helping clients creatively translate publishing and media materials since 1999. Many have stayed with us for years. There’s no big secret to earning loyalty. You simply need dependable quality time after time.

Translation and persuasion

To call our linguists translators is to sell them short. They think, craft and reimagine in different languages. They put complete focus on doing your words justice. They take a real interest in the ultimate success of your work.

We can navigate a tight a deadline without dropping standards. We respect deadlines, stay within budgets, and never take shortcuts on quality. Our workflow management system streamlines the process, and our translators aim for perfection with their first shot.

Security and discretion are guaranteed

All of our translators are vetted and have signed NDAs. Our workflows are secure. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified.

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