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For engineering and manufacturing companies precision and consistency is paramount. And it’s as true for the translation of engineering documentation and marketing literature as it is for the product.

Technical translation by engineers

The language of engineering and manufacturing has its own technical vocabulary, expressions and national subtleties – without understanding it all, your translator simply can’t deliver the accuracy you need. That’s why Brightlines’ translators aren’t just professional in-country translators, they’re also qualified and experienced in your specific field of engineering and manufacturing. They know the topic, they translate it – correctly, first time.

In your style

Of course, individual writing styles will still differ and it’s important that your engineering or manufacturing translation preserves your company’s global personality and tone of voice, whatever the language. So, provide us with a sample text and we’ll let you select from test translations produced by different expert translators in the Brightlines Translation network. We’ll find you that perfect fit.


As with any kind of engineering and manufacturing operation, efficiency as well as quality is vital to the translation process. ISO 9001 certified, Brightlines Translation makes sure time is saved and costs minimized. Secure, effective translation workflows maximize throughput. Glossaries of technical terms continuously grow, and dynamic translation memories constantly improve the process. A bit like a well-oiled machine.

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We can help with:


Health and safety documents

Manufacturing and engineering articles

Material safety data sheets

Patents and patent applications

Product specifications

Service, maintenance and policy manuals

Technical reports

Training materials

User manuals

Feasibility studies

Internal communications

Marketing communications

Multilingual SEM

Product labelling, packaging and catalogues

Regulatory documentation

Site surveys


User and operating instructions

Website translation


What makes Engineering and Manufacturing translations unique?

Engineering and Manufacturing translations require specialised technical knowledge. A translator needs to know the subject from the inside out, having lived and breathed it. That’s why so many of our translators have extensive work experience in their specialist subjects.

Can you handle large-scale manufacturing documents?

Our team can manage large-scale projects, efficiently translating extensive documents on budget with time to spare.

Can you handle different formats of engineering or manufacturing documents?

We can work with a wide range of document formats including CAD drawings, technical specifications, manuals, and more. Our team has the expertise!

For powerful engineering and manufacturing translation

Brightlines has nearly two decades of experience supplying translations to the engineering industry. How can we help you?