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In today’s globalised economy, expanding your business beyond domestic borders is more achievable than ever. However, navigating diverse languages and cultures requires more than simply translating your content. It is here where our suite of multilingual production services steps in. Let’s take a journey with a fictitious company, SnoreTech, and its dedicated team to help you visualise how our services fit together and can propel your company to global success.

SnoreTech, led by their insightful Marketing Director, Amadeus, is preparing to launch their groundbreaking wearable device, the SnoreWatch, across four important international markets: Japan, Germany, France, and Brazil.

  • Foreign Language Typesetting: Understanding the necessity for localising marketing materials, Amadeus entrusts us with translating and typesetting their original English content into Japanese, German, French, and Portuguese. The Brightlines team ensures that the final products are accurate in language, culturally sensitive, and visually engaging.
  • Subtitling Services and Timecoding: SnoreTech has crafted an engaging introductory video in English as part of the promotional strategy. This video is then forwarded to our team for translation and subtitling in the respective languages. Our specialists meticulously translate the script and handle the time coding, guaranteeing that the subtitles perfectly sync with the video’s pace.
  • Multilingual Voiceovers: To offer an immersive audio-visual experience, Amadeus opts for our multilingual voiceover services. We select professional voice actors who are native speakers of the target languages to record the voiceovers, ensuring authenticity and perfect pronunciation.
  • Document Recreation: Training Coordinator Penelope is responsible for preparing their foreign resellers and support staff for the new product. She relies on us to translate and recreate their training guides and manuals in the target languages. We translate and align the text with the original document layout, providing a seamless, localised user experience.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Penelope also has several older printed manuals that need translating and digitising. We use OCR technology to transform these hardcopy documents into editable formats and proceed with the required translations.
  • Multilingual Transcription: Market Research Analyst Pablo conducts various focus groups and interviews in their target countries to gather valuable customer insights. Our task is transcribing and translating these audio files, offering Pablo crucial information about prospective customers in their languages.
  • Quality Assurance: All through these processes, we run stringent quality assurance checks to ensure the highest accuracy and consistency. Brightlines ensures that all translations fit naturally within each target market’s cultural and linguistic contexts.

By integrating our wide array of multilingual production services, the team at SnoreTech, led by Amadeus, Penelope, and Pablo, ensure that the SnoreWatch launch is successful and well-received in each of their target markets. This scenario demonstrates how our services can help your business reach a global audience effectively and efficiently. We are committed to providing quality, timeliness, and cultural relevance, making us the perfect partner for your company’s international ventures.

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Our Production Services

Foreign language typesetting (aka DTP)

For all languages including right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Recreation of design files

When you do not have your original files we can recreate from your pdfs or image files.

Website/HTML translation services

We can manage the translation and SEO of your website in any language.

Optical character recognition

Only have hardcopy documentation? No problem we can scan and format to editable text ready for translation.

Multilingual transcription

We can transcribe your original video, no matter the language.


We can timecode your scripts ready for subtitling or voiceover.

Multilingual voiceover recording

We can record your script in multiple languages to studio quality using professional voiceover artists.


We can subtitle your videos and animations in any language.

What is the process for producing a multilingual voiceover?

To translate a video for a voiceover, we follow a multi-step process:

1. Transcription: We first transcribe all spoken content in the video to text in the original language.

2. Translation: The transcript is then translated into the target language by a professional translator who is a native speaker of that language.

3. Adaptation: We adapt the translated script to fit the timing and context of the video. This process involves adjusting the speed, timing, and phrasing to match the original audio’s pace and tone.

4. Voiceover Recording: After finishing the script, a professional voice actor, also a native speaker of the target language, records the voiceover while watching the video to ensure synchronicity.

5. Post-Production: The recorded voiceover is then integrated into the video. We align the voiceover with the original video’s timing to ensure a seamless viewer experience.

Throughout the process, we also account for cultural nuances and expressions to ensure the translated voiceover is as engaging and effective as the original.

How do you recreate and translate a PDF or hardcopy document?

The process of translating a document for recreation, mainly when only a PDF or hardcopy exists, involves these key steps:

1. Document Analysis: We begin by analyzing the document, noting its layout, design elements, fonts, and graphics to ensure the recreated version mirrors the original as closely as possible.

2. OCR and Extraction: We employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert the document into an editable format for PDFs or hardcopy documents.

3. Design Recreation: Our design team starts recreating the document. The document is then replicated following the original document’s layout, formatting, and graphical elements to match the original design as closely as possible.

4. Translation: The text is then professionally translated within the new document by a native speaker, ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

5. Quality Assurance and Proofreading: The recreated document undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the translation is accurate, the design aligns with the original, and all elements are correctly placed. Any necessary adjustments are made during this phase.

6. Delivery: The final recreated document is delivered in a suitable format for the client, ready for print or digital distribution.

Throughout this process, we carefully preserve the original document’s layout and design while ensuring the translation is linguistically accurate and culturally sensitive.

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