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You say tomato. We say…

You know the rest. Even between countries that speak the same language, cultural differences can complicate the way to clear and meaningful communication. Navigating those barriers is critical for any marketing team dealing with multiple markets. Successful global brands understand that the challenge is much greater than a simple translation exercise. If you want to cut through the noise to make meaningful connections with people from different cultures, you need to fine tune messaging, content and even design to make your brand locally relevant and culturally sensitive.

Brightlines has been helping brands engage effectively with different cultures since 1999. Our translators are selected because they offer more than a mastery of languages. No matter what market you need to crack, we will connect you with a team steeped in cultural understanding of both source and destination markets. They’ll help you skirt around cultural banana skins, and preserve the emotional impact of brand communications in any different culture.

Sensitivity pays

When communicating with different cultures, one simple slip can have huge consequences. There are countless examples of brands and business that have lost money and reputation due to a moment’s ignorance. The Brightlines team recently flagged an issue with some communication materials intended for Spain. The artwork included a Spanish flag carrying an emblem from the Franco era. Easy to miss, but culturally explosive in a country where historical wounds remain deep. To demonstrate the danger we helped our client avoid, the American clothing brand Target printed the very same icon on a range of T-shirts. The mistake was innocent, but the resulting outrage will forever taint the Target brand in Spain.

How is localisation applied on a project?

We’ve been handling business translations since 1999. Our management team have dealt with every possible configuration of country and industry. At the start of every project, they examine all material submitted for translation and flag potential pitfalls before a translator is involved. Issues are then raised with the client, and recommendations suggested based on our market experience.

Localisation amendments come in all shapes and sizes. Not every issue offends like Franco. Some simply reflect cultural norms when writing. Should numbers be left in roman script or replaced with characters from a target language? How are decimal points, commas and spaces applied when writing numbers in different languages? All of these cultural hygiene issues will be picked up and addressed when the material reaches one of our experienced translators.

Helping global brands act local

Is there anything more embarrassing that a blundering tourist blind to local etiquette? Without the right guidance, that’s exactly the reaction your brand could create in a different market. Our team can help with every part of the marketing mix, including the following key areas.

Website localisation

Great websites offer much more than shop window. They provide compelling brand experiences. To make those experiences equally rich in different cultures, every detail of your site need to be considered from the design and messaging through to the content and products promoted. Nike is a classic example of a brand that offers a different web experience in every different market, without diluting the brand image. Our website localisation services will help you stand in their shoes.

Print, photography and design

Design is a language, and as with any language, miscommunication can have dire consequences. Colours have contrasting associations in different countries. In some cultures dogs and feet are considered offensive. Clothing, styling and gesture all present potential pitfalls. Our team can help to protect your brand from the unintended impact of design disaster.

Product names, slogans and descriptions

Nothing kills a brand or campaign faster than a name or a line of copy that has everyone sniggering. Are you absolutely sure you appreciate the full impact of your product names and descriptions when translated? We’ll make sure your copy lines and naming strategies stay snigger-free in any country.

Why do so many brands trust Brightlines for localisation?

Scale, accuracy and speed

Our clients come back to us time after time because they know they can trust us, even when their backs are against the wall. We deliver accurate translation and localisation services fast, without compromising quality. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. No matter how big the task, no matter how many countries your brand needs to connect with, we can help you climb the mountain.

The experience of our translators

Our translators bring more to the table than an impeccable language skills. They have working knowledge of a broad range professional fields. Their cultural sensitivity has been heightened by experience. That combined package brings extra value to every job we do.

Our brand experience

Since we started out in 1999, we’ve been lucky to work for some the world’s biggest brands. Our experience spans categories and countries. What we offer in cultural understanding we match in marketing experience. In any language, we know how brands talk.

Helping Canon connect with the world

Canon’s range of digital cameras and printers can be found in homes and businesses across the planet.
When it came to communicating to that vast and varied audience, Canon needed a translation partner they could trust to re-create the voice of the brand internationally. They turned to Brightlines for help. Today Canon rely on Brightlines to translate and localise a huge variety of materials including website content, audio and visual materials, printed and digital brochures and periodicals, and marketing communications for international advertising campaigns.

Brightlines works directly with the Canon brand team, or liaises with Canon’s many communication agencies. The length of the relationship is proof of its success. The Brightlines team have been helping Canon remain culturally astute all over the world for more than 15 years.

“Brightlines is a brilliant agency completely focused on client satisfaction”. Canon

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Localisation FAQs

What is localisation in the translation industry?

Localisation is the process of adapting content to a specific locale, culture, or market, which includes translating text and modifying design, layout, and cultural references to make the content more suitable and engaging for the target audience.

How does localisation differ from translation?

While translation focuses on converting text from one language to another, localisation goes beyond language, addressing cultural nuances, images, symbols, and other elements to create more contextually appropriate content for the target audience.

Why is localisation important for businesses?

Localisation helps businesses expand globally, ensuring their products and content are tailored to specific markets, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving user experience. It fosters better engagement and brand loyalty and can ultimately lead to higher revenue and a competitive edge in international markets.

What elements are considered during localisation?

Localisation considers many elements, such as language, currency, date and time formats, units of measurement, cultural references, imagery, legal requirements, and user interface design, to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for the target audience.

How do localisation professionals ensure cultural sensitivity?

Localisation experts, always native speakers of the target language, use their cultural knowledge and understanding of regional nuances to adapt content appropriately. They perform research, consult localisation style guides, and collaborate with other professionals to ensure the final product resonates with the target audience while maintaining cultural sensitivity.

Looking to learn more about localisation?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about localisation, or any of the other services we offer, please get in touch today.