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Vlogging, unboxing and cat videos. The internet has given us a million ways to waste time, but it’s also presented us with an incredible gift. Thanks to the pervasiveness of the technology, even people in the most remote corners of our planet can now access an infinite source of educational content and e-learning tools. Degrees can be taken without ever attending a lecture hall. Lessons can cross borders in real-time. Geography no longer presents a barrier to training, learning and self-improvement. The internet has made all the world a classroom.

Given the vast opportunity, it’s only natural that e-learning is a booming business. It’s one thing to have great content in your original language. To tap into the full potential, you need to make your e-learning content just as effective in different languages.

Whether you’re an educational establishment trying to penetrate new markets, or a corporation on-boarding employees from different cultures, Brightlines can help. Our experienced translators can re-purpose content between any source and target languages. More than a straightforward translation service, their backgrounds offer experience in a broad range of different professional fields, including education. Once your brief has been received, we will partner you with a team who have a working knowledge of your particular industry.

Our range of available e-learning services include:

Localisation – Creating effective and engaging e-learning content is tough. We know how much effort you’ve put into getting everything just right. Once complete, we evaluate the translation in detail to make sure all material is relevant and sensitive to every culture represented by your audience.

Text and slides – Full course brochures and reading materials. Step-by-step training modules. Carefully crafted slide presentations. We have experience with every kind of text based e-learning content. Our translations remain faithful to original tone and structure, and preserve clarity and impact for every different audience.

Multi-media translation – Video is becoming an increasingly popular and powerful learning tool. Depending on the style of the video, and the impact required, the Brightlines team can offer translation for subtitles or closed captions. We also manage and deliver professional voice-over recording.

Convert your e-learning assets in 5 simple steps

At Brightlines we apply the same 5 step approach for every e-learning project.

1. Assessment of the brief

Our team will interrogate the brief to build a clear picture of the required languages, the desired target audience, and the type of e-learning media and content involved.

2. Isolating the text

The complete text from every component is then extracted and compiled ready for translation.

3. Translation

All content is translated and localised by our highly experienced team. We will also seek to partner you with translators with a working knowledge of your course topics and content.

4. Production Requirements

In addition to written content, our team can manage and produce professional voice over for audio and film content if required.

5. Re-construction & delivery

Once checked and tested, the course content is then put back together in its original form. All content is then delivered to you via a secure server.

Are your e-learning materials ready to go?

E-learning content comes in a wide variety of designs and formats. To avoid complications further down the line, you can prepare content by following a few basic steps.

  • Keep on-screen text to a minimum – Take into account the potential for the content to expand when translated.
  • Leave space in voice-overs – As with written text, voice-overs in different languages can inflate. Leave some breathing space in audio and video content, just in case.
  • Avoid embedded text – Text embedded within design elements or inside images can become costly to re-integrate once translated. Avoid the headache by keeping text separate.
  • Consider the design implications – Some languages are read right to left. Some always demand more space. It’s worth checking design and keeping things simple to avoid any issues when it comes to re-building e-learning content. A little consideration up front makes a big difference down the line.

Why trust Brightlines for your e-learning translations?

We’ve been helping our clients translate e-learning course materials since 1999. Many have stayed with us for years. The secret to their loyalty is simple.

We always deliver accurately and on time.

We are used to handling large projects and challenging timelines. Our workflow management system streamlines the process, and our translators aim for perfection at the first time of asking.

Security and discretion are guaranteed.

Because we understand the value of great learning content, we put processes in place to offer you peace of mind. All of our translators are vetted, and signed to NDAs. Our workflows are secured. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified.

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We can help you with:

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PowerPoint & multimedia presentations

Audio scripts and voice-overs

Classroom-based instructional material

New employee orientation

Looking to learn more about e-learning translation?

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