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Translating the Future of News: Deloitte’s Insights Globalized by Brightlines

Deloitte brings together tens of thousands of independent professionals for worldwide collaboration on audit, consulting, risk management and tax. It is one of the Big Four professional service firms, standing alongside industry giants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and KPMG. The amount of consultation services Deloitte provides is staggering, ranging from real estate to sports business, hospitality, leisure, life sciences and healthcare. And this list is not exhaustive – Deloitte also produces eye-opening research along with some of the biggest names in research and publishing: GfK, Germany’s largest market research organisation, and Associated Press, the world’s biggest independent news source.

Brightlines translates groundbreaking research

Working alongside Associated Press and GfK, Deloitte recently produced groundbreaking research suggesting an upcoming surge in the popularity of video news could herald the death of printed news completely. The research explained the demographics, incentivising news and media companies to revolutionise the newsroom, turning it into a live broadcast centre to supply the world with breaking news.

The role Brightlines played in these fascinating findings was to produce, translate and transcreate the research for distribution at a global level. This is certain to provide key insight for media outlets worldwide, perhaps shifting the way we consume news all together. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, a digital revolution was not unexpected. However, Deloitte, GfK, Associated Press and Brightlines have shown the world that stories about how news is really read today are true. The research has very real implications for manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and applications as consumers shift from traditional newsprint and into the 21st century.

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