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The Electoral Commission

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The Electoral Commission

When the Electoral Commission needs high-quality Welsh translations, they call Brightlines.

The Electoral Commission was set up by the UK government to regulate party and election finances and set standards for well-run elections. Despite connections to Parliament, it is an independent watchdog organisation responsible for ensuring that the election process is fair, efficient and well-administered. It has offices in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Despite not being a global organisation, The Electoral Commission needs to communicate with voters from all around the UK in more than just English. This includes reaching out to those who speak Welsh, which is the reason it sought out the services of Brightlines.

the electoral commission

The translation services provided by Brightlines include translating polling station communications and guidance notes into the Welsh language. In order to make itself clear to every resident of the UK, The Electoral Commission needs to consider that Welsh is the first language of over half a million people. This huge demographic has been catered for with precision localisation services provided by Brightlines. In addition to this, Brightlines was involved with the production of the material itself, demonstrating our versatility when it comes to providing a complete, end-to-end solution for a task.

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For an organisation such as The Electoral Commission, accurate translation is paramount. Considering that the texts translated are official legal documents for display in polling booths, the margin for error was non-existent. Brightlines’ commitment to quality was influential in the selection process. We can be wholeheartedly trusted to provide translation and production for any purpose, utilising our extensive team of highly skilled translators, graphic designers and typesetters.

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