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Canon Inc. is a quality Japanese technology corporation that produces cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, computer printers, medical equipment and steppers for sale across the world. With headquarters in Tokyo, it has over 198,000 employees worldwide. It was the first company to produce the 35mm focal plane-shutter camera in 1933, from which it became the optical imaging innovator it is today.

Canon magazines translated

Translation and multilingual production services

Just some of the material Brightlines has worked on for Canon includes a 168-page prestige book publication celebrating 50 years of Canon in Europe, containing the unique innovations and accomplishments of a company which never slows down. Produced in paperback and hardback, the book was a memento for business associates and employees, and yet another publication to support Canon’s extensive library of high-profile branding material.

Brightlines works directly with Canon and its communication agencies to produce its internal company magazine, distributed to branches in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and have been with this project right from the start, which is now on its 55th issue. For over 10 years Brightlines has also produced multilingual artwork for each issue. The magazine details new products, groundbreaking research and technology innovations – things which Canon is never short of.

In addition to the bimonthly periodical, ‘You Can’, Brightlines also translates digital marketing content in the form of blog posts in German for Project 1709. This is a free online storage service for photographers, offered by Canon as a way to store and manage a lifetime’s worth of photographs.

Canon camera with zoom with white background

Versatile service from advertising campaigns to voiceovers

Brightlines is even trusted to translate the CEO’s New Year’s Day speech, making ourselves available and on call outside normal working hours. This is the sort of flexibility a company such as Canon needs; we are happy to deliver it, and have done so reliably, for the past 15 years. Since Canon is constantly in need of production and translation services for its high-profile marketing collateral and internal publications, it needs a source of precise, high-quality translation which it can count on.

Maintaining the reputation of Canon Europe

Canon’s reputation depends on excellent translation if it is to maintain and extend its global reach. A company’s reputation being staked on the work of others is not something which should be taken lightly. Brightlines strives to retain the integrity of all the brands it works alongside, working with diligence to produce the most exemplary work.

In Canon’s own words, we are a brilliant agency, completely focused on client satisfaction.

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