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Brightlines translates global marketing communications for Protein World

In a world where protein supplements are being used by millions of people as a part of a health-conscious lifestyle, Protein World has established a strong consumer brand with a reputation for market-leading innovation.

Communicating brand values, product specifications and benefits in a competitive global healthcare market demands an all-in-one translation service capable of handling multiple languages and communication channels with the highest degree of technical accuracy.

Working closely in partnership with Protein World’s UK-based creative agency, Brightlines Translation was chosen to provide a wide range of multi-lingual translation, transcreation and artworking services.

Translation responsibilities span both print and digital media, comprising French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Output includes Protein World’s e-commerce website, e-shots, fitness guides, product brochures, social content and advertising campaigns.

Brightline’s ability to also provide multi-language typesetting and artworking services means that production processes can be streamlined to help simplify and speed-up delivery of printed literature, and pan-European advertising campaigns can be turned around within 24 hours.

Protein World now sells to more than 50 countries.

Brightlines’ multilingual translation and artworking services have played an important role in helping Protein World augment its position as a leader and innovator in the highly competitive protein supplements market.

Protein powders are no longer the preserve of the bodybuilder. Accurate communication of Protein World’s ‘non-gmo’, ‘no hidden ingredients’, and ‘superior taste’ messages on a global scale has helped influence their products’ rapid advance to everyday usage.

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