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Hilton Worldwide

Brightlines provided complete website translation and multilingual SEO to Hilton brands

Hilton Worldwide is a premium hotel group with 4,112 employees in 91 countries. It is the 38th-largest private company in the United States, with a revenue of over $9 billion. When it started out in 1919, Hilton’s first move was to acquire every hotel owned by the Statler Hotels group. This set founder Conrad Hilton back $111 million, the world’s most expensive real estate transaction of the time. Hilton’s exclusive loyalty programme has over 30 million members, and the brand is still growing to this day, its global presence constantly expanding.

Brightlines has been working with Hilton for several years and has played a key part in its ongoing globalisation strategy. We have translated over 20 Hilton brand websites including the luxury Waldorf Astoria brand into Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish, giving Hilton the edge over other hospitality companies. In addition to website translation, Brightlines has been engaged in a long-term multilingual SEO project which has drawn millions more customers from all over the world, customers which Hilton would not have otherwise reached.

Brightlines has translated more than 20 Hilton Worldwide websites.

Here are a few of the Hilton brand websites Brightlines has translated for:

Hilton Nordics
Hilton Benelux
Hilton Cologne
Waldorf Astoria

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It will always be more effective to reach customers in their own, native language, even if they speak English. This means the power of multilingual advertising and multilingual SEO must be utilised if a company is to branch out overseas. Brightlines delivers translation services which are informed by extensive knowledge of the local area to ensure the maximum level of effectiveness is reached. Our translators are experts on local cultures, which means we provide specially tailored translations whenever you work with us.

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