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eToro needed a translation agency specialised in international SEO

A social trading and multi-asset brokerage company with an online trading platform that conceptualises both manual and social trading features. It offers stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, currencies and cryptocurrencies to more than 10 million users through one web-based and mobile platform. eToro is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

The world’s leading social trading platform keeps on top of search. To achieve this they employ specialised digital marketing agencies and translation agencies to keep them consistently high ranking. Due to a reputation for international SEO expertise, and good search performance, Brightlines was singled out as a perfect partner to carry out eToro’s global keyword clean up.

The keyword clean up operation in brief


Needless to say, keywords are the first step to successful SEO. The clean up task included deep keyword research for multiple keyword types in 16 languages across EMEA. There are many types of keywords and this project included them all, the common ones like short-tailed and long-tail keywords, and the technical keywords such as latent semantic indexing or LSIs – which actually sound far more technical than than they really are, but are nonetheless essential for search volume. Redundant keywords were given the chop, negative ones were excluded and after approximately two weeks our international SEO team produced a sparkling list of over 1000 localised keywords – per language.

The search result


A clean list of localised keywords is the first and most important step in any international SEO initiative. Refreshing the list regularly is paramount to maintaining ranking position. The Brightlines keyword clean up for eToro will play a leading role in maintaining its search position and we were honoured to be part of such a significant international SEO campaign.

Translation for Etoro by Brightlines Translation

Translation for Etoro by Brightlines Translation

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