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National Geographic Kids

"Thank you so much for helping us meet our print deadlines and doing such a fantastic job of keeping on top of what’s been a very complicated and challenging project."

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National Geographic Kids

The Global Transcreation Project

National Geographic Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, videos, events, and a website. It is the only kids’ brand with a world-class scientific organisation at its core.

National Geographic Kids needed a high-quality and attentive translation partner experienced in producing creative marketing translation, specifically for children.

The kid-centric brand, which brings the wonders of the natural world into the living rooms and lives of thousands of children across the globe, collaborated with LEGO City to launch The Jungle Explorer’s Handbook, a guide to surviving the perils and adventures of the jungle with the help of a few intrepid LEGO characters along the way. The thirty-two paged handbook required timely launching with National Geographic Kids magazine in twelve languages. Brightlines was selected because we have specialised creative translators with substantial experience translating child-focused content and often work with child-centric brands. Our knowledge and experience within this sector, and across all tone of voice, proved to be a perfect match for National Geographic Kids.

National Geographic - Creative Translation-Brightlines

Translation Challenges

Creating content for a young audience is a hard task, the editors at National Geographic Kids were mindful of this and knew that translating such content needed creative translation. The challenge was to retain the fast-paced, addictive tone and cheerful style of the original, award-winning content.

The educational messages contained within the original text were perfectly translated for children all around the world.

“The project managers have been really accommodating and have made this whole process go smoothly”


National Geographic Kids Translation

Multilingual production services

Brightlines enlisted our multilingual desktop publishers to work on the typesetting of the handbook in all twelve languages. With Russian and Chinese being among the languages required, experience in working with texts in those languages is essential. Different typesetting rules apply across languages, with Chinese and Russian being particularly tricky to an inexperienced eye, not to mention the issue of font compatibilities; Brightlines made sure that the fonts used for the finished handbooks were not only compatible with Russian and Chinese characters, but looked just as good as the original fonts.

National Geographic Kids were very pleased with the final documents:
“The translated files look amazing.”

Valuable educational publication goes global

The aim of the global publication is to allow children to learn about the natural world and how to protect it in a fun, interactive way. By collaborating with LEGO and having the Explorer’s Handbook translated and localised, children around the world will have access to this valuable educational resource. This in turn, should encourage more children to think about the world they live in and the effect that their actions have on the planet.

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