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Wouldn’t it be great if you found a financial translation partner who could pick up a project without needing a lengthy explanation about your business? A partner who could work fast enough to make tight deadlines feel roomy? A translation service you could trust to handle the nuance and complexity of any financial document?

At Brightlines we bring a lot more to the table than advanced language skills. Our financial translators come from within the industry. In addition to being skilled linguists, many have led successful careers as professionals across all areas of finance. Yes, we know languages, but we also know our FinTech from our Forex.

What are financial translation services?

Finance is a global industry. It’s crucial for business and institutions to be able to communicate across borders and speak to colleagues, customers and investors in their native languages. Financial translation services enable you to speak the same language as the customers you are working with.

Financial translation is a specialised discipline that requires specialised knowledge and has particular concepts and vocabulary. Our financial translators come from within the industry and, in addition to being skilled linguists, have led successful careers as professionals across all areas of finance.

Certification and confidentiality

We are fully aware of the confidentiality of many of our clients’ documents. A non-disclosure agreement applies to every single translation. This NDA has also been recorded in our General Terms and Conditions. If so desired, we may also be able to sign a non-disclosure agreement drawn up by you. In addition to that, the quality of your translation is of the utmost importance.

We fully understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to financial documents. All of our translators are vetted and every translation has a non-disclosure agreement attached to it. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring complete security for your information whilst offering complete visibility of your project at every stage. It’s important to us that all of our clients have complete peace of mind when it comes to working with us.

How do our financial translation services work?

Time is often the most valuable asset in finance. And the most elusive. The milestones of the financial year are rooted. They don’t move for anyone.

To save you time in the face of all that pressure, we don’t demand in-depth conversations to get balls rolling. All we need to quote is a copy of the documents you want translated, and a clear idea of your timelines and target languages. We are more than happy to sign an NDA to address issues of sensitivity.

As soon as we’re clear about the fundamentals, we’ll present our quote and start building your translation team. For every different project, we cherry-pick a team who offer a mastery of the relevant languages, and experience of the relevant fields. Our linguists include working professionals and academics with a particular area of focus in finance and accounting. Together they cover every language used in business and every country on the planet. Your perfect translation team is already part of our network.

When you work with Brightlines, they’ll become part of your team.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us a copy of your documents. Email us a copy of the documents you’d like translated. We accept a wide variety of file types, including word.doc files, Adobe Indesign files, .txt files, PDFs or scanned as jpgs or PNGs.
  • Fill us in on the details. If you let us know what your timeline is and what your target languages are, we will agree a deadline to work towards that is convenient for you. We will sign NDAs to address issues of sensitivity at this stage if required.
  • We’ll do the rest. When we’re clear about the fundamentals, we’ll present our quote and start building your translation team. We cherry-pick a team who offer a mastery of the relevant languages, and experience of the relevant fields.

Why is Brightlines trusted by leading financial organisations?

Quality without compromise

Finance demands accuracy. Tiny errors can have huge consequences. Translating for the financial industry is just as demanding. We take pride in every syllable. We double check every digit. Our business is built on trust. No matter how intense the pressure or how great the scale, we don’t let our standards slide for anyone.

Translation and persuasion

If you want mechanical translation, use a bot. If you want to be taken as seriously in different languages as you are in your own, if you want to talk with authority across markets, use a highly qualified linguist. Our translators don’t simply look at the words, they consider the cultural context and implications of the language. They don’t simply translate, they write. They give original documents equal impact for every different culture.

Financial translation experience

Bankers. Economists. Academics. Our translators live and breathe the language of finance. Many of them have worked in the financial industries. Between them they offer in-depth experience of every related field.

Security, discretion and transparency guaranteed

Because we understand the value of great learning content, we put processes in place to offer you peace of mind. All of our translators are vetted and signed to NDAs. Our workflows are secured. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified. Those same systems offer complete visibility of your project at every stage.

We don’t walk away from a challenge

We’re used to handling large projects and difficult timelines. Our offices in Corsham and London follow a workflow management system that streamlines the process, and our translators aim for a perfect result with the very first draft. When you’re up against it, we’re here to help.

What financial documents do we translate?

In short, the lot includes annual reports, foreign currency statements, compliance documentation, merger & acquisition docs, investments, memorandums and presentations, tender documentation, due diligence reports and IPO documentation.

We’ve been in business since the late 90s, and during that time, we have handled every conceivable kind of financial translation for every conceivable kind of organisation. Our clients range from huge banks to plucky start-ups.

No requirement is too complex. No sector too niche.

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We can help you with:

Annual reports

Annual reports are among the most important financial documents that a company produces. It’s vital that they are correctly translated so they can be understood and appreciated globally.

Company reports

If you have an international business, it’s important that all of your colleagues can understand reports. Our translators have in-depth knowledge of International Reporting Standards and localised laws.

Data analysis documentation

Data analysis is an important part of the financial world. Our linguists can translate data analysis documentation to make sure that your reports are completely accurate, whichever language they are read in.

Financial statements

Financial statements are often audited by government agencies or accountants to ensure accuracy for tax or investment purposes. Our expert translators can give you the peace of mind of knowing they are correct.

Investor documentation

If someone is considering investing in your company, they need to be fully abreast of the facts. We can translate investor documentation including business plans, pitch decks and financial statements.

Performance reports

A performance report provides an overview of how a business or project is performing. Our expert translators can make sure these are understood by all colleagues, wherever they are in the world.

Foreign currency statements

Foreign currency statement translation is used to translate the results of a company’s foreign subsidiaries into its reporting currency, for example to include in year end reports. Our expert translators will make sure these are completely accurate so that your books are balanced perfectly.

Compliance documentation

Compliance documentation refers to specific documents such as reports, records or certificates that verify compliance with specific standards in the field or industry you operate within. We can translate these documents to ensure that your business or company is complying with laws or standards wherever necessary.

Tender documentation

A tender document is part of a tendering process which helps a business select suppliers based on certain contract conditions, such as pricing and quality. Our linguists have extensive knowledge of tendering processes and will ensure all documents are translated with complete accuracy.

Due diligence reports

Due diligence reporting involves the examination of financial records that must take place before entering into a proposed transaction with another party. We understand that a lot can be at stake when it comes to business deals and our translators will ensure every part of a due diligence report is perfectly translated.

IPO documentation

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which a private company goes public by selling its stocks to the general public. To ensure global success when going through this process it’s vital that IPO documentation is translated by people with expert knowledge of this complex field.

For financial translations that count

We’re experts in financial translation and are here to help you. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our financial translation services, or any of the other translation services we offer, please get in touch today.