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Western Union

“We have been most impressed by Brightlines Translation.”

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Western Union

Brightlines Translate European Rollout

Western Union is the most easily recognised, reliable and efficient brand in the global payment services field.

Western Union required a translation service provider for its major European rollout. The brand required a high-end translation agency that would tie in with its ethos, produce the right financial marketing material across Europe, and have the technical expertise to translate and localise websites and apps. The content being translated clearly had to convey the Western Union brand, uphold the company’s first-class reputation, and resonate with differing cultural markets.

Translation services provided to Western Union

Enter Brightlines. After a competitive pitch, Brightlines was selected by Western Union to be the company’s sole translation provider for the European rollout.

With our worldwide network of professional translators, Brightlines was able to provide expert translation for Western Union’s website and its online payment processing system – the Global Pay app. The substantial translation project was for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing across Western Union and Western Union Business Solutions. It included the ongoing translation services and multilingual production of Western Union’s printed financial and marketing collateral.

The entire project required specialised transcreators with financial translation experience, and skilful project managers. Something Brightlines excels in. Our translators also have the ability to combine their experience with the use of our computer-assisted translation (CAT) technology. CAT is a software tool that improves translation efficiency, and ultimately protects the client’s budget by implementing cost-saving technology.

“We have been most impressed by Brightlines Translation, we have absolute confidence in them.” Western Union.

Brightlines helped take Western Union to Europe.

Western Union has worked with Brightlines for over three years, in which time we have helped ensure their European localisation campaign was a success. We did this, not just through translation of its website, Global Pay app, and its financial marketing materials. But, also by thorough proof reading of every page, sentence, line, word and number across all the digital and printed content it required for its European markets.

Brightlines always endeavours to reflect the integrity and ethos of every brand and business it works with, across all the content it translates. During the on-going working relationship, Brightlines has worked hard to uphold Western Union’s brand and reputation and ensure it has been conveyed carefully and correctly to its growing European audience.

Western Union and Brightlines

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