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GSK’s Global Reach: Precision Healthcare Translation and Multilingual Solutions by Brightline

GlaxoSmithKline aka GSK, is the sixth-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with a revenue of just short of £25 billion in 2015. It manufactures drugs and vaccines for major diseases, including asthma, cancer, infections and mental health conditions, in addition to selling over-the-counter medicines and nutritional products such as Sensodyne, Boost and Horlicks through its consumer healthcare division. GSK has a presence in over 115 countries worldwide, with its main headquarters in Brentford, UK. As well as manufacturing at sites in the UK, the USA, Australasia and Europe, GSK carries out its own research and development around the world.

Brightlines is trusted to translate detailed medical documentation into French, Italian, German and Spanish for the European market, and also Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Somali and Chinese. Healthcare translation is one of our core specialities and we provide precise medical and technical translations for global marketing and information. We employ medical specialists and industrial scientists who are skilled in both translation and academic disciplines.

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Brightlines is a full-service multilingual translation agency dedicated to the needs of our clients, and more, offering world-class services for every element of your global branding needs. This includes production, copywriting, SEOmultilingual artwork and typesetting. Our flexible nature combined with industry expertise makes us the obvious choice for furthering the reach of your brand.

Being chosen by some of the world’s most important brands is proof of the quality and range of our services. If you are looking to reach new audiences, wherever they are in the world, Brightlines can help you.

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