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Empowering Google AdWords: Brightlines’ Expertise in EMEA Marketing Translation for the Internet Giant

Google is most likely the reason you are viewing this page. Needing little by way of introduction, the importance of Google cannot be exaggerated. Google has changed the way people use the internet and the way businesses market online, enabling many businesses to obtain a global reach; many companies owe their wealth to Google’s free services. Google is not just the operator of the world’s most popular search engine but also owns Blogger, YouTube, Gmail, and a host of other useful services. Expanding from humble beginnings and almost no knowledge of HTML in 1998, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have since created an online empire that dominates sectors of the internet, the most important being advertising.

Brightlines provides EMEA marketing translation for Google AdWords.

Brightlines has assisted Google with the translation and transcreation of marketing collateral for AdWords, an online service which inserts adverts into search results based on their prominence and relevance. The campaign is a vital stage in Google’s initiative to monetise its free services, assisted by the expertise of Brightlines, who translated the material for the European market. We employ specialised marketing translation professionals, all with key expertise in different languages and fields. Among our scientists, medical professionals and finance experts, we also employ those who specialise in information technology and online media. This gives us the edge over more generalist translation agencies.

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