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Global media & entertainment businesses demand consistency in brand communications, identity and tone. Media and entertainment brands from around the world turn to Brightlines Translation.

On message

Whether it’s in the Americas, Asia or Europe, irrespective of language, there can only be one voice. That’s why our media and entertainment translators aren’t just professional translators with bags of industry experience, they’re also specialists at preserving tone of voice.

Your audience’s emotional response is our prime focus and we’ll make sure it’s the right one. Translation, localisation if needed, perhaps even some transcreation too, your intended impact, meaning and messaging will work cross-culturally.

Production savvy

Plus you’ll be glad to know that we care just as much as you about the quality of the finished product that the audience receives. We’re experts in multilingual artwork production and typesetting too.

A misplaced accent, a character space too many, orphans and widows, you can rely on Brightlines to sort it out. It’s a beautiful design, we’ll make sure the text fits, whatever the language and no matter what the format.

On time

Translation and production schedules in the media industry can certainly be tight, so we’ll build you a translation team with the flexibility to cope. One that understands the finality of a short print deadline – and delivers on time.

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We’re experts in providing translations to global media & entertainment companies. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our translation services please get in touch today.