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Professional Bosnian Language Translation Services

At Brightlines, we are proud to offer expert translation services between English and Bosnian, encompassing a spectrum of corporate marketing materials. Our meticulous approach ensures that every nuance and subtlety is captured, offering your business the leverage it needs to communicate effectively in the global marketplace.

Introduction to the Bosnian Language

Bosnian is a South Slavic language predominantly spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. With a rich historical tapestry, the Bosnian language is a testament to the country’s diverse cultural influences.

Key Facts:

  • Number of Speakers: Bosnian is spoken by about 2.5 million people, primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Alphabet: It utilises a modified version of the Latin alphabet, which includes special characters not found in the English alphabet.
  • Official Status: Bosnian holds official status in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of the three official languages alongside Croatian and Serbian.
  • Mutual Intelligibility: It shares high mutual intelligibility with Croatian and Serbian due to the languages’ common roots.

The Importance of Translation:

  • Cultural Nuance: Translating marketing material into Bosnian opens doors to a market that values cultural connection and local resonance in business communication.
  • Localisation: English to Bosnian translation isn’t just about changing words; it’s about localising content to fit the cultural context of the audience.
  • Expanding Reach: By translating materials into Bosnian, businesses can effectively reach the Bosnian-speaking population, offering inclusivity and respect for the language and its speakers.

Our Translation Expertise:

  • Marketing Material Translation: From brochures to digital content, we ensure your marketing message is conveyed with the same impact in Bosnian as it is in English.
  • Corporate Communication: We specialise in translating all forms of corporate communication, ensuring clarity and professionalism are maintained.
  • Website Localisation: Our team excels in translating and localising websites to cater to the Bosnian market, considering both language and cultural nuances.

Why Choose Our Services?

 Quality Focused:

  • Expert Translators: Our translators are native speakers of Bosnian with professional qualifications in translation and a deep understanding of marketing nuances.
  • Industry Knowledge: We specialise in translating for corporates, ensuring that industry-specific terminology and jargon are accurately translated.
  • Quality Assurance: Every translation undergoes rigorous checks and revisions to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Client-Centric Approach:

  • Tailored Solutions: We provide bespoke translation solutions that align with your brand voice and marketing objectives.
  • Confidentiality: We uphold strict confidentiality agreements to ensure your business materials are secure throughout the translation process.
  • Timely Delivery: Understanding the pace of business, we commit to delivering your translations within the agreed timeframes.

Example Text:

English Text:

“Unlock the potential of your business with our state-of-the-art solutions.”

Translated Bosnian Text:

“Otključajte potencijal vašeg poslovanja našim najsavremenijim rješenjima.”

This simple sentence exemplifies the necessity of understanding both linguistic subtleties and market-specific terminology to communicate effectively in Bosnian.


Bosnian may not be the most widely spoken language globally, but for businesses looking to expand their reach within Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is crucial. Accurate and sensitive translation is vital to engaging with Bosnian-speaking markets. Our agency stands ready to provide you with high-quality translations that are not just word-perfect but culture-specific, ensuring your corporate message resonates with the audience as intended.

For a partner that understands the importance of detail in language and the nuances that come with it, look no further. Contact Brightlines today to ensure your English to Bosnian and Bosnian to English translation needs are met with precision and cultural finesse.

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Our translation services - FAQ

Do you use native translators?

Yes, always. All our translators are native speakers and most are still resident in their native country. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all Brightlines’ translators are native. We do not accept applications from non-native candidates or allow them to register on our online recruitment database. All our translators are rigorously tested.

How long will the translations take?

The turnaround for the translation will depend on the word count. As a rough guide, assume that the translators can comfortably process about 2500 words of non-specialised text per day. Proofreading can effectively be completed on a basis of 4000-6000 words a day. Our minimum turnaround time is usually about three days, although it is possible to shorten this if you are in a rush for the final files and we will always be happy to discuss this with you.

What is the variation in your translators’ experience and qualifications? Are they native speakers? Will the cost increase if we use a more experienced translator?

All our translators have to go through a series of tests to make sure they are as good as they say they are, and only if they pass are they allowed to work for Brightlines. There is quite a range of experience and qualifications, but all translators have a minimum of five years’ experience. All translators translate into their mother-tongue without exception and are generally based in-country so they are up-to-date with the local language. We match translators with projects/clients depending on the subject matter, and most of our translators have industry experience in their speciality – there is no better experience than being immersed professionally in the industry they specialise in. Our costs are based on translator experience, speciality (i.e. medical, creative, scientific) and the language choice.

Which languages can you translate into?

We have an extensive database with hundreds of trusted and tested translators covering all commercial languages. If you cannot see the language or dialect you need please ask.

I don’t know the word count; can you base the quote on the number of pages?

Our pricing structure is based on a rate-per-word, but we can estimate from a page count. If we can’t see the source document then we would usually estimate between 300 – 500 words a page depending on the density of the text and the presence of photos and images.

Does the translation need to be proofread?

Brightlines is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This means that quality is safeguarded. We adhere to the “four-eyes principle” and translations are always checked by a second professional proofreader (who is not the translator). If the translation is for internal use and reference purposes only (i.e. not to be published, distributed or used in a court of law), or you simply don’t wish to have proofreading, we can remove the proofreading stage.

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