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The Importance of Medical Translation Services

The Importance of Medical Translation Services
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In the healthcare industry, getting translations right first time is essential. While in other areas, a small mistake might affect a brand’s image, in medicine, far more is at stake, so absolute precision is key. It’s not just about reputation; it’s about ensuring everyone gets accurate information for their health and well-being. Accurate medical translation builds confidence and trust.

We are dealing with new medicines, clinical trials, general medical information, pharmaceutical products and websites for medical devices and services.

A professional medical translation agency does not just translate the text; they localise it so that the meaning of the message remains the same when turned from one language to another.

In the digital age, the healthcare industry needs to adapt to international audiences.

So, let us breakdown the importance of medical translation services for global healthcare businesses.

Medical Translation Is Essential for Consistent Growth

To make pharmaceutical products and medical equipment available to professionals from every country in the world as fast as they evolve, global healthcare businesses need robust medical translation services at the ready.

All the information included with imported medication or equipment needs translation, as do the websites that are selling them, including sales collateral for pharmaceuticals being sold into new territories.

At Brightlines, we can help with the following aspects of medical translation:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Clinical information
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Consumer guides
  • Detail aids
  • Ecommerce
  • Elearning
  • Instructions for use
  • Internal communications
  • Manuals and journals
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Multilingual SEM
  • Medical articles
  • Medical transcription
  • Monographs
  • Medical training presentations
  • Packaging
  • Press releases
  • Public information campaigns
  • Registration dossiers
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Reports
  • Scientific publications
  • Social media/blogs
  • Software
  • Textbooks
  • Warnings
  • Websites and mobile sites
  • White papers

What Should Your Requirements Be for Medical Translation?

Firstly, by engaging a translation agency for your medical translation requirements, the service will include translators that are highly qualified in related medical disciplines, translators that have actually worked in the healthcare industry.

This includes previous experience in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology – translators that understand the technical terminology and how to market your products to foreign audiences. This means getting the translation you need at the first time of asking.

Secondly, to match your ever-changing needs, the turnaround time for medical translation needs to be quick, especially when it comes to product support and marketing materials.

For this reason, a translation agency is the way to go, because they will have a whole team of experts working on your project, resulting in a faster and better quality delivery.

Businesses such as pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical and surgical equipment, and research organizations need to ensure that their instructions, manuals, marketing brochures and other documents are as accurate and consistent as possible. Their reputations depend on it. A whole team of human eyes, backed up by technical, medical knowledge, will ensure translations are 100% accurate.

Medical Translation Is Vital for Research

When it comes to medical research such as journals, white papers and all other forms of scientific research, perfect translation is crucial. Medical research needs to be available to the whole world, and a translation agency can help you do so quickly and accurately.

It takes dedication and passion for working in medical translation. It requires teams of experienced individuals who can deliver translations of elaborate documents on short notice and under the pressure of tight deadlines.

Certified Medical Translation Services

If you need certified translation, our expert medical translators can not only translate documents to an impeccable standard but can also provide certification as and when required.

At Brightlines, we optimise our translation workflows to fit seamlessly with your administration processes. We strive to save you time and effort, to make any healthcare translation as thorough and efficient as possible.

Medical Translation for Websites

An online presence is now an absolute necessity for any business. As a global healthcare company, your website needs to be available in multiple languages, and the information must be consistent. Translation plugins provided by search engines are not enough, often resulting in jumbled sentences, sometimes with another meaning altogether.

Culture gives language different contexts, and there is no tech available that is sensitive to the cultural and moral subtleties that determine the meaning of specific phrases. To accurately translate the information on your website, taking into consideration the complexities of each language, engaging a professional translation agency is the safest option.

Our clients include healthcare industry giants such as Bayer, BD and GE Healthcare, to name a few. So, rest assured, by choosing us for your medical translation demands, you are in highly capable and experienced hands. Get in touch with us today for your upcoming projects.