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Why it’s so important to translate your Amazon listings

Why it’s so important to translate your Amazon listings
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Translation is crucial to growing your business on Amazon. There aren’t many products or services that are solely designed to be used by people in one country. Therefore, it makes sense – and cents – to sell the same products to millions across the globe. Naturally, to promote sales conversions in other marketplaces, you need to be able to present your products succinctly, in the language of the markets you are targeting – and that’s also the case when selling on Amazon.

With some 244 million users around the world, failing to address language barriers can result in colossal lost opportunities. Over two billion products were bought from Amazon Marketplace Sellers in 2014 and to get a slice of the action, it’s crucially important to translate your listings and reach that wider audience.

Language and native lingo

If you are only listing your products in your native language then you are limiting your business’ potential for growth. The same goes for international businesses who only list products in English – you should never neglect other languages (especially your mother tongue) in favour of one that’s more widely understood as it can dissuade shoppers from making a purchase. The fact is that 85% of online purchasers prefer to buy in their own language.

To increase your sales across the world your Amazon product titles and descriptions need to be presented in the local language of the market. The best way to do this is to use skilled translators.

Amazon itself provides a paid-for listings translation service for international sellers – something you might think is highly convenient. However, sellers be warned: it’s not that great. Amazon’s translations are literal – not crafted specifically and individually to sell your products accurately, as an expert would do. As such, you’re best advised to engage the services of a professional, to ensure the message and description are retained, regardless of the language.

A global translation service for international business will not only translate your copy accurately, it will make sure your brand’s communication is truly localised – selling your products to other markets through translated copy in the same way that the original copy was designed to do. This means understanding what’s relevant and meaningful to online shoppers in particular areas; local slang, cultural differences, superstitions, numerical representation – these aspects of product translation are absolutely crucial.

Only skilled linguists with marketing and writing backgrounds familiar with cultural quirks and local nuances can pull off Amazon listing translations effectively.

Translation services save you time and money

It’s likely that you’re selling multiple products on Amazon, hundreds even. A wide spread of items presents some challenges; you’ve not only got to optimise your Amazon listings by writing effective titles and descriptions that will attract customers and then encourage them to purchase, before gaining valuable customer reviews – you’ve then got to do this in several other languages.

This can take an age if you’re not working with a professional translation service. Save yourself and others in your company valuable time and money by hiring a team of world-class linguists who can transform your Amazon listings into highly-targeted, localised copy.

Push your products towards the top of page one

On top of translating your listings with flare and creativity, translation and localisation companies like Brightlines can offer more in-depth services such as multilingual SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing). This helps give your product listings the added boost of being optimised for Google, Bing et al, improving their chances of being seen on page one of the search results and clicked on.

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