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International SEO: why professional translation is the only way

International SEO: why professional translation is the only way
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When it comes to international SEO services, only professional translation services can offer the quality, efficiency and ease that you, as an expanding, successful SEO company will require.

The fact is that, while in that great DIY tradition, setting up your own in-house translation team might appeal to the classic micromanager, outsourcing your translation needs to a competent, proven, professional company is the only way to guarantee the degree of quality that you need. On top of that, wasting time setting up, paying, recruiting, and managing a translation team is an unnecessary and costly expenditure of time and money that could otherwise be spent and used for the benefit of the company – and for things more directly related to maximising profits and getting new clients. After all, isn’t that always the main aim?

No Mistakes, More Professional

When performing SEO for an international company, you need to know you’re using the exact right phrases, in the exact right way. You can’t expect decent SEO results when you’re using phrases and texts dominated by mistakes and subtle language faux pas. Simple translation software frequently misses out on the more subtle, quintessential elements of language, leaving text with a decidedly odd aftertaste that’s unlikely to rank well when people instantly click off the poorly translated page.

The specialised software used by professional translation companies is frequently bespoke and extremely costly, meaning it’s always going to be cheaper for you to bring the translation company in, than set up on your own, as well as the quality, with vastly fewer errors, will always be superior. Mistakes can make or break a business trying to function in a multi-lingual arena, and minimising them maximises your company’s professionality. Remember, performing well in the international market gives you access to literally millions of fresh customers.

Cheaper, Quicker and More Cost-Effective

As I previously outlined, setting up your own in-house team is much slower, and costlier than simply outsourcing the work to a professional company. On top of this, a translation company is always going to be geared towards efficiency, through specialised personnel, and an array of bespoke software, that allow them to do a quicker, more-thorough and higher quality job than your hypothetical in-house team.

It’s a Matter of Respect

As a native English speaker, I can generally tell when something has been poorly translated, and if that’s coming from a company trying to sell me something, that leaves me feeling unappreciated and uncared for. This is not how you want to leave clients feeling. You’ve also got remember, only a quarter of people using the internet are English-speakers, this means, by not reaching out to that other 75%, you’re not only missing out on custom, but you’re also potentially disrespecting a powerful source of revenue for your SEO company.

Fancy Having a More Stable Company?

Then you need targeted, international clients. Making use of the international market goes beyond simply being more clients and therefore greater revenue, it means you don’t have to rely on areas where the financial situation could be ailing. This gives your business a greater stability, and the ability to target growth markets and move away from financially ailing, crashing areas, giving you a stance across the international market of much better stability and manoeuvrability.

The fact is, making use of an efficient, proven and professional translation company gives your SEO business far greater free rein to pursue new clients and markets, and makes room for growth and scaling. It allows you to move into expanding marketplaces and away from unstable ones, as well as access to millions more potential clients worldwide. But you can’t do this without a solid translation service, and to risk looking unprofessional and incompetent is a rookie error you simply cannot afford to make.

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