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What do translators have to offer the financial industry?

What do translators have to offer the financial industry?
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Perhaps more than any other industry over the last two decades, financial services have become a truly global affair. Deregulation policies in the 1980s and 1990s, coupled with the advent of the internet and its ability to connect companies and customers everywhere, have created an industry where firms that can operate in multiple countries and numerous languages, stand a far better chance of success.

This is where translation services have an important role to play. Yes, the banking and finance industries are about numbers, but getting the words and feel right is key to successful partnerships, client relations and legal compliance. In an industry where tiny margins mean big rewards, finding the right translation partner can be the crucial difference. 

In this post, we consider five key benefits translators can offer the financial services industry:

Attention to detail

Financial transactions are complicated affairs. Whether it’s for merger and acquisition material, or a fund prospectus, the number of documents associated with a deal can run into the hundreds. Each one of these has absolutely no margin for error; a mistranslated text could mean an agreement breaks down and the possibility of expensive legal ramifications. Specialist financial translators with there in-depth financial knowledge, make sure the content means exactly what it is supposed to say in each language to eradicate the chance of misunderstanding. 

Expert knowledge

Like any industry, the financial sector has its own set of jargon, acronyms and phrases and good translators make it their business to know these and the industry inside out. Keeping up to date with current affairs, financial news, global events and new developments in the  ‘fin-tech’ sector, and thus, all associated terminology is essential. Client confidence maintained, whatever the language. 

An excellent financial translation agency must have an in-depth understanding of the industry to ensure translations are of high quality. Their knowledge of the industry will also make sure that you don’t waste your valuable time explaining the intricacies of a project.


The financial services industry moves fast. Stock market prices change daily; business opportunities rely on real-time communication with partners across the world. Professional financial translators will respond quickly to changing situations and work to tight deadlines to help keep their clients ahead of the game. 

Head over to our experience page to find out more about why Brightlines is the ideal partner for financial translation. 


The information within many financial documents is of the utmost privacy, and any leaks could have serious repercussions. Confidentiality is an essential component of financial translation services, and secure workflows and non-disclosure agreements are the foundation of excellent service. An experienced financial translation agency is in a position to offer complete peace of mind to all clients in the banking and finance sector. 

Brand Consistency 

From high street banks to Fin-tech Unicorns, financial services companies spend time, effort, and much money, on developing a tone of voice that resonates with their clients. They build websites, develop marketing strategies and run campaigns, all designed to attract the right client. Capable translators won’t just change the words – they’ll work hard to ensure the character and essence of the brand comes through, so businesses know they are ‘on message’ whatever the language. This process involves using experienced marketing translators with in-depth experience of not only finance but of the transcreation process as well. Something that the team here at Brightlines has considerable experience of implementing. See our marketing translation services page for more on how we can help your team send the right message to its global audience. 

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In summary, to maximise the chances of success in one of the most globalised sectors in the world, financial services need to engage translators that will guarantee speed, accuracy and confidentiality, as well as carrying the right brand message into new territories. At Brightlines, our financial translation specialists can provide all you need, whichever country you are targeting.

Find out more about our financial translation services on our website, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.