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Brightlines gets Cabinet Office approval

Brightlines gets Cabinet Office approval
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Hundreds of thousands of our precisely translated words have gone out this month, to do their bit, to smooth the way, to reach our clients’ customers all around the world.


Multilingual marketing and technical publications for imaging and digital solution products have gone to more than 10 countries. Technical specifications for precision engineering and manufacturing firms have been swiftly despatched to specific global markets. Medical and healthcare information has been translated for healthcare professionals and the general public. High-tech translations have gone out for computer software and hardware companies. Brightlines has worked with all kinds of organisations from manufacturers and publishing companies to advertising agencies and parliamentary bodies; it’s all in a month’s work.

However, special congratulations to our dedicated team for securing a hugely significant project to translate internationally recognised global accreditation schemes backed by the Cabinet Office. A very worthy stamp of approval. Well-done Brightlines.

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