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Our clients trust us

Our clients trust us
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We recently carried out a client feedback survey and made a commendable discovery. We discovered that the main reason our clients use us is because they trust us.

Our clients trust us

Our clients have complete confidence and firm reliance on the integrity of our service. This makes us very happy indeed and could explain why we have such superb client retention records – some (like Canon, CareFusion, Shire) have been with us for more than ten years.

Trust is earned

Earned through experience. At Brightlines we strive to deliver a service that keeps our clients satisfied no matter what. Quite often rather large obstacles have to be overcome. For example, Brightlines was delivering Japanese translations to clients during the tragic and terrifying Great East Japan Earthquake; translations are constantly being delivered during the current Arab Spring, despite the fact that telecommunications can suddenly be shut down. Yes, we do get translators who say they are not able to deliver because their town has just been ‘hit’. We take that on, and still deliver. No excuses. Extraordinary circumstances are taken in our stride. However, our ethos to supply a superior service is at our core and it is applied every day, to every project large or small. Our project management capabilities set us apart from other translation agencies and that is something we are very proud of.

We are entrusted with our clients’ words

There is an awful lot riding on those words, ultimately our clients’ reputation. That is not something we at Brightlines take lightly. Our clients say they know we will take care of them and provide consistently excellent translation services. They say this is why they trust us.

Brightlines Translation. Reliable. Flexible. Trustworthy. And pleased as punch.