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What are the benefits of accurate translation for medical documents?

What are the benefits of accurate translation for medical documents?
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It’s always advisable to have the most accurate information as possible when it comes to medical documents and records. Medicine is a particularly specialised field, with complex yet precise terminology. In addition, it’s constantly evolving, so up-to-date technical knowledge is required to understand it – let alone translate it accurately.

Why do medical businesses need translation services?

The healthcare industry is reliant on true experts when it comes to translating source documents from one language to another. Businesses such as pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical and surgical equipment, and research organisations need to ensure that their instructions, manuals, marketing brochures and other documents are as accurate and consistent as possible. Their reputations – and often patient lives – will depend on it.

A human eye, backed up by technical medical knowledge, will ensure that medical documents are translated as accurately as possible.

To read case studies, check out our medical translation clients, including GSK, Diapharm and Bayer, among others.

Getting certified medical translation

On occasions, certified medical translation may be required. This effectively stamps the documents with a degree of authority that certain situations may necessitate. An example might be where court proceedings require medical records to be admitted as evidence. Translations of such documents are likely to require certification before they meet the requisite standard.

Here at Brightlines, we’re proud to say that our expert medical translators can not only translate documents to an impeccable standard but can also provide certification as and when required.

If you’re considering having specialist documents translated, read our ultimate guide to technical translation to find out more.

Medical documents that we translate

When it comes to medical translation, we understand the importance of translating complex product support documents alongside accurate marketing materials. We’ve optimised our translation workflow to fit seamlessly with your administration processes, without compromising on quality. Our healthcare clients can all attest to that!

We offer note-perfect translations for any kind of medical document, including but not limited to:

  • Medical journals
  • Medical device manuals
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Medical instructions
  • Case studies
  • Patient records
  • Consent forms
  • Clinical protocols
  • Pharmaceutical leave pieces
  • Drug monographs

We guarantee 100% accuracy

It’s important not to forget that, with all medical documents and records, the end result will be an influence over the standard of care offered to patients. When it comes to someone’s health, even the smallest error in translation could prove catastrophic.

Working with Brightlines

At Brightlines, we’re very proud to have an expert panel of medical translators who can produce watertight translations to pressing deadlines.

All our medical translators are qualified in a related technical discipline and have hands-on experience in the healthcare translation industry. So whether you need translation related to medicine, pharmaceuticals or medical technology, you know that you’re in safe hands. Plus you can be assured of our confidentiality.

If you need to have any medical documents translated, contact us today to see how we can help, with no obligation. Alternatively, you can find out more information on our healthcare translation page before getting in touch.